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You are sustainable direct-to-consumer fashion and beauty brand ♻️,

You are in consumer tech, a commerce platform 📈,

You are on 🔥.

The competition is tough. You need state-of-the art skills for faster growth. This is where Fab comes in.

Fab, fabricating fabulous companies. We’re in it for the long run.

Fab Fund I

“We are based in the place to be for data-driven platforms, the West Coast. San Francisco, with Tech talent and iconic VCs. Los Angeles, with multicultural leaders and influences.”

“We have already founded the biggest community in Fashion and Beauty/ Wellness, empowering founders to grow. FaB Fashion and Beautytech community. Now 5000 founders in America, Europe, and Asia.”

Odile Roujol

Founder FaB Fashion and BeautyTech community,

Founder Fab Co-Creation Studio Ventures


“We believe in conscious Beauty and Fashion. Underserved needs that needs to be tackled. With Fab, we want to support founders who care. Investing in diverse teams that drive innovation.

Founders who build a community, try to make people’s life better. Founders who believe in a more sustainable way of living, fixing problems. Founders taking care of our mind and body, and our impact on the planet.” Says Odile Roujol. 

 Dr. Elsa Jungman

 Hello Biome




 Super Circle

 Thousand fell

 Good Light







 The Folklore



 Thirteen Lune 


 Shaz & Kiks



Fund I


 Brown Girl Jane

Fab Fund II

We invest in purpose and data-driven founders at the intersection of Conscious Beauty& Sustainable Fashion, Tech and Impact Investing

Women's Wear Daily is writing about us!



 Kintra Fibers




 Nectar AI 



 Dapper Boi 

Fund II


We are company builders offering operational support for accelerated Growth.

We begin with the customer and the community. We know that good story telling makes a huge impact on your growth.

We believe in the power of Brands and Design.

We believe sustainable success means great products. We help to develop and deliver them in an optimized way. We carefully test our ideas at each step, listening to customers. We care about formulation, ingredients, regulatory, packaging, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics .

We build companies that impact lives. 

We help in defining the Mission Statement, Values, and Culture. The visual identity and the customer interactions matter. The Experience is the new luxury.

We are data-driven for exponentional growth. SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimization, Analytics, User Testing and Responsive Design are our secret recipe for fast growth. We also believe in organic growth and advocates for accelerating growth.

More than ever scaling means an online and brick and mortar strategy. We help our founders with connections with relevant decision makers in corporations and retail.

In the Us and other footprints.

customer experience





A nimble team is brought together
to co-create your company.

We believe in a creative and
data-driven approach to scale fast.
We offer ongoing services and support.

Odile Roujol


ex CEO Lancôme (L'Oréal), Board Member in the Silicon Valley. Founder of the global Fab Fashion and BeautyTech community.

Super Powers to scale fast

We bring together passionate professionals: operations, product development, retail, data scientists, growth hackers, designers and PR specialists.

Fab, pioneers in the circularity movement

Founders work closely in our portfolio with 

eco-conscious platform

The Folklore

Tustainable fashion platform with products designed in Africa

The material 
science company.

Thousand fell


Experienced founding team in the fashion industry, have lived in Asia.

Invested at the seed, follow on.

Co-invested with BBG partners,.

Invested at the seed with Springsboard.

Meet the experts

in Sustainability:

Investors and founders, Millennials and veterans, in the Us an Europe.

An advisory council working on how we can improve year after year

Founder of the sustainable home brand in LA

leading the program of circularity Essec Business School in Paris

ex TikTok, BA in circularity Portland/LA

energy policy at Google, former Obama White House energy and climate advisor

Founder of Brightly

eco conscious platform

(and #1 Apple podcast)

Founder of Kintra

"Superpowers" for a unique customer experience

Customer Insights

Market fit

Business Strategy




Tone of Voice

Visual ID

Brand Content


Social Media

Go to Market and
Communication Strategies

For high quality products that drive value








Supply Chain



For fast and exponential growth


Organic Growth


A/B Testing

Web Design/ UX Design


Grow ideas from the ground up! We're here with you for the long haul.

Fab. How we work. 
Low to high touch.


Broad Services

BeautyTech Platform for the community

Sharing learnings, Matchmaking with industry experts, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. 

Services for entrepreneurs:

Unique access to other community members globally - on the platform and through events.

Services for Corporates and VCs:

Value adding services in Strategy, Branding, Design, Product development, Growth. Be part of the conversation as a partner. Stay ahead through our insights and network.


deep support

Fab Co-creation Studio Ventures

Our program is tailored to your needs. We take only a few startups per year for a 4 to 12 month intensive.

Services for entrepreneurs:

Our approach is customer centric. You will receive fast and valuable inputs to make your next moves.

Services for corporates and investors:

Opportunity to invest in Fab Studio, co-create specific projects through the right talents and partners, learn through a deeper "open innovation" process. 


support as investor

Beyond Fab Co-Creation
studio Ventures

We invest in creative minds with an interdisciplinary approach to support selected startups. We are part of the San Francisco + Los Angeles ecosystem.

Services for entrepreneurs:

We are the first Institutional Capital and co-invest with Tier-one syndicate Partners. We deliver ou network of Corporate and Venture Relationships.

Highly curated, high engagement, means maximum probability of success.


" Building a company is tough. Odile has been an amazing support for us after 500 StartUps. For Direct-to-consumer founders in Beauty and Fashion, being surrounded by core skills is the best way to scale fast!"

Agustina Sartori

Founder CEO, GlamSt
(acquired by Ulta Beauty in Nov 2018)

"Odile is a powerhouse investor (…). She understands that in a world full of so many dreamers, it’s truly the ones who have the ‘it’ factor that rise to the top. Not only is she’s one of the most savvy investors, she’s one who is human, who understands equity, inclusion and the importance of diversity. Good light has been approached by so many investors but we went with Odile because of her knowledge, her wisdom, but mostly her humanity. The latter is what we need more of."

David Yi

Founder, Good Light


Fab Fashion and BeautyTech community

Founders and Funders, supporting each other.


chapters from 

San Francisco to Shanghai


More than 



subscribers to
the quarterly newsletter. 

meetings and webinars in the last 2 years, with more than 10000 people connected.

More than 


15 000 



founders and VCs have met
in physical and virtual meetings.

instagrammers, followers
on Linked in and Twitter.

Fab Fashion and BeautyTech community, when founders meet funders to share their experience and learnings.

Join Fab Ventures!  Early stage, DTC.

Los Angeles.

We care for impact.

Seed and Early stage. Our investments range
from $250k - $1M

We are long term partners to entrepreneurs.
We build global companies.

We back purpose and data-driven founders.

Our portfolio companies benefit from access to a core team, and a vast global network of mentors, advisors, entrepreneurs + investors, and the global FaB Fashion and Beautytech community.

We focus on consumer tech, ai-driven platforms in new commerce, and Direct-to-Consumer brands.

We believe in a more holistic approach to Beauty, sustainable Fashion. Experience is the new luxury.

We believe tech and data empower
the end customer.

Our manifesto. 

Self-confidence can change everything as we seek to find our place in the world. 

We are aboutConsciousBeauty
and Fashion

We are a community. Experience ​is the new luxury.

We empower people
to find their best self

It’s now a responsibility for founders to embody gender equality, diversity, and sustainability in work ethic and products.

We stand by transparency as a new way to raise awareness and set real expectations. As we build trust relationships between founders and funders, we make sure we know our suppliers and treat everybody with respect and dignity.

We are the new frontier of innovators changing industry landscape.

We mix talent across beauty, fashion, and tech.

We are beauty and fashion lovers and a beautiful and inspirational community, with creators and influencers. We celebrate self-expression and spearhead positive changes.

We are about self-expression and being true to ourselves.  

We believe in a more holistic approach to beauty, rooted in our values, personality, and unique preferences. 

Delightful moments are part of all human experience. Feeling joyful, more in control, stronger, calmer. Emotion, creation, creative positive feelings are part of our DNA as a community of founders and funders. While developing new products and services, and building disruptive companies, we invent unique experiences, connecting people.

We believe Tech empowers Humans.

We believe that the future of fashion can be circular. Our clothes should never end up as waste.

We believe in sustainable Fashion and Social Impact. We believe we can all make a difference.

Community-conscious consumption is our credo. We all participate as customers.

We aim to increase awareness of the impact of beauty and fashion purchasing decisions on the environment and our health, and life in general.

We are agents of change. We are inspired by new voices and urban culture – such as skateboarding, hip hop and rap, which is why we engage with youth.

The physical change we all undergo during different stages of life should be reclaimed and destigmatized.

From teenage acne, puberty vulnerabilities, pregnancy new questions, to menopause, and how to age gracefully.

We support male beauty and care. We know that the beauty, wellness, and fashion industry can provide them with valuable preventative care and hassle-free gratification.

We believe Tech empowers Humans.

We use the knowledge from data to customize products and services.

We are changing the world with AI. We leverage AI and Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, conversational agents, computer vision, body motion, facial recognition, and blockchain for personalization, 1-1 engagement at scale, and real-time experience.

We believe in clean beauty for good.

We are Multicultural. We are Untamed, Fierce, and Fearless.

We support gender diversity and gender equality in all forms. We believe that beauty should be accessible for anyone and everyone across the non-binary spectrum.

We are conscious businesses focusing on the whole ecosystem, creating and optimizing values for all stakeholders, for healthy, sustainable, and resilient businesses. We don’t want to be the best. We want to be the best for the world.

We are a global network of founders, learning from each other, with chapters on all continents.

We believe the future belongs to multicultural leaders, proud of their culture, making the bridge with other ones, thinking globally. We are about diversity and inclusiveness.

We understand beauty, not as a simple noun.

We seek Beauty as an inclusive new definition of self-realization. Our approach is holistic and integrated, seeing one’s beauty through the lenses of mindfulness, wellness, self-care, and healthcare.

For us, disruption means an impact on people’s lives, making their life easier, richer, and more meaningful.

We are rule breakers, risk takers, shakers. We are functional experts and visionaries, entrepreneurs and investors, representing disruption driven by data. We are born as a movement in California, in San Francisco. We are big thinkers, entrepreneurs, influencers, investors inspiring people and shaping the wider world.

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